The Native Fish Recovery Strategy is well into its implementation phase and to help track the progress of activities a report card has been developed.

The Strategy has a 30-year horizon to 2050, with 10-year implementation stages that aim to achieve four broad outcomes:

  1. Recovery and persistence of native fish
  2. Threats to native fish are identified and mitigated
  3. Communities are actively involved in native fish recovery
  4. Recovery actions are informed by best available knowledge.

The report card provides regular updates on status and progress, grouped by the 5 Actions and in the context of the 4 Outcomes (see list above).

The online report card.

The Q2 2021 Report Card includes the following key areas of progress:

  • Establishing a Recovery Reach Program (Action 2) is well underway with planning and implementing of recovery reach activities underway, led by Recovery Coordinators.
  • Coordinated native fish education and awareness activities have begun on the Finterest website and social media.
  • An Interim Emergency Response Plan (Action 3) has been endorsed by the steering group, though no applications for funding have yet been received.

The report is available online in a web-friendly format for both desktop and mobile contexts, with a PDF download available for viewing on a single page and/or printing.

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