True Tales of the Trout Cod:
Central Murray River Catchment History

I was born in 29, back then it was no problem getting fish, I fi shed here all my life. When I was young the Gunbower Creek was full of redfin, they were caught up to 6 pound, and it was full of cod. We’d just go out with a bag of mussels, that’s all you needed to catch cod.

– Norm Wilson, 2008.

Fishing in the Central Murray

The Argus

“It was on my great day that I paddled, or rather drifted, down the Murray one mild, cool January morning.  Above me an opal sky, below the rushing stream, there brawling over a shoal, here crisping to a vagrant breeze, there running smooth as glass over a deep pool, never still, never slient, always sucking and gurgling, bubbling and sighing, whispering its messages to the vacant fancy. It was a voyage of discovery. Never before had I wetted line in the reaches I was about to fish. I was breaking ground for a friend who was to join me a few days later on.”

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