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Interviews and presentations from the Native Fish Forum 2023

Over 100 people gathered in Dubbo during May 2023 to experience a showcase of the work of the native fish recovery strategy and share knowledge about the ongoing activities that support native fish recovery.


The following videos comprise short interviews with each presenter at the Forum, or a summarised version of their talk, with the option to view each presentation in full.

The status of native fish in the Murray–Darling Basin
Stuart Little provides a summary of the good and not so good news about native fish in the rivers of the Basin.

Native fish recovery efforts do work
Ivor Stuart talks about where we are seeing fish recovery actions at work, why they are working, and what else needs to be done.

Fishes of the Murray–Darling Basin
Fish ecologist Mark Lintermans talks about threatened fish and the release of his fully revised book.

Protecting and restoring populations of threatened native fish
Nick Whiterod talks about the efforts to recover some of the most threatened fish in the Murray–Darling Basin.

Lower Darling-Baaka Recovery Reach
Recovery Reach Coordinator Iain Ellis talks about efforts to recover native fish in the Lower Darling-Baaka.

Indigenous fish traps impact the Baaka’s morphology and ecology
Sarah Martin and Badger Bates explore fish traps in the Baaka (Darling River) channel, both stone and wooden/earthen bank structures.

Upper Murrumbidgee Recovery Reach
Recovery Reach Coordinator Antia Brademann explains how partnerships have powered efforts to recover native fish in the upper Murrumbidgee River.

NSW DPI’s Erin Lake dives into efforts to recover native populations of Macquarie perch.

Mid-Murray Floodplain Recovery Reach
Recovery Reach Coordinator Peter Rose talks about projects in the Mid-Murray floodplains to recover native fish, especially the small wetland species of the region.

Reintroduction of native fish to wetlands
Darren Willis speaks about projects that his South Australian Wetlands Team is currently engaged in.

Upper Condamine Recovery Reach
Recovery Reach Coordinator Ren Holz tells us about efforts to recover the River blackfish in the Upper Condamine Recovery Reach.

Environmental watering to support fish populations
Francis Horacek explains how water for the environment is being utilised in support of native fish recovery.

Panel on fish recovery efforts
A selection of State fisheries managers tell us about efforts to recover native fish in their patch, and how we can do more by working together.

What’s next in the Native Fish Recovery Strategy
Stuart Little explains the cumulative benefits of the Recovery Reach approach, why we need more, and how you might get one started.
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