The Goulburn Broken CMA has established a Yammer Network that aims to support collaboration amongst practitioners working to protect and enhance our native fisheries.

The idea for this network, called ‘Macquarie perch Connections’, came about after GB CMA’s River Health Officer Christine Glassford contributed to the review of the draft National Recovery Plan for the Macquarie perch last year.

“It made me more aware of the isolated populations outside of the Goulburn Broken catchment and the common issues the local agencies were all tackling independently,” Christine said. “There didn’t seem to be an avenue where the practitioners from different States, agencies and/or communities could share their knowledge and experience.”

Macca Perch. Photo credit: Renae Ayres & Joanne Sharley

Though initiated with Macquarie perch in mind, it is hoped the network can also facilitate discussions amongst members working to address other threatened native fish species.

“It would be an aspiration of mine to see this network facilitate development of a NATIONAL implementation strategy for Macquarie perch (and other native fish) that effectively considers how best to prioritise funds and action to achieve the best outcomes and in an integrated way between the various agencies to maximise bang for buck or results for effort,” Christine said.

“There is so much knowledge out there, we just didn’t have a way to tap into it without knowing who has been doing what, which is often confounded by lines around agencies, regions and States – hopefully this network will help break down the barriers and connect the silos.”

If you are interested in learning more about this network, contact Christine via email: christineg@gbcma.vic.gov.au; or phone: (03) 5797 4400.

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