In honour of World Fish Migration Day, there is a special 24-hour webinar marathon! In this webinar, fish migration leaders will share their knowledge about global swimways, fish species population status’ and trends. Practitioners and experts from each continent will be sharing best practices about what is going well and inspire us all to take action!  Anyone who is, or want to be, active and passionate about rivers, fish and nature are invited.

This webinar will be the world’s first Global Swimways Webinar Marathon, a 24-hour celebration of connecting and sharing inspiring knowledge about rivers, migratory fish, river connectivity and smart solutions to bend the curve.

The webinar includes presentations from over 50 local, national and global experts. There will be nine sessions in total and the duration of each is 1-2 hours with a break in between each session. The webinar sessions are designed to accommodate different time zones and continents. We have space for 500 attendees per session.

Spoken Language: English

Webinar regions:

– Oceania  (incl Lee Baumgartner, Martin Mallen-Cooper and Matthew Gordos from Australia)
– Eastern Asia
– Central and South Asia
– Western Asia
– Africa
– Europe
– South America
– Central America
– North America

Program – Central European Timezone

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