I make fish sculptures out of driftwood, string and patience.

I do it for a number of reasons. I love the texture and look of driftwood, and I really enjoy collecting it. I get to create something from ‘nothing’ and I especially like being ‘in the zone’ when I’m constructing a fish – it can be quite meditative.

The process starts with the enjoyable task of collecting driftwood from the beach.

Often a distinctly-shaped piece will remind me of a part of a fish; the shape of a belly, or curve of a fin. I start with that piece and build out from there, tying the pieces of driftwood together using garden twine, utilising the whippings and lashings that I learned many years ago as a boy scout.

Sometimes a smooth stone may form an eye and this might be held in place by wire or fishing line.

Once finished, wire is attached at the balance point and the sculpture ends up on the wall.

Sometimes I get a tad more creative…

“Nature is the inspiration for all ornamentation”

It may or may not be driftwood, but how does nature inspire you to create? When was the last time you took the time to create something from ‘nothing’? If you have something worth sharing, click here to our Finterest Facebook page and share your photos with us.