Lucy Stuart

In 2023, a new round of questioning began in regard to the status of the Cyprinid herpesvirus-3 (carp virus). click here to learn 'what's the go with the carp virus?' Every few years this topic hits the mainstream media and causes a lot of confusion, debate and controversy. In May I was able to attend
The Lower-Darling Baaka is a socially, culturally and economically important region in the Murray-Darling Basin. The town of Menindee is situated at the heart of this region, near the Menindee Lakes. If this rings a bell, unfortunately it may be for the wrong reasons. The Lower Darling-Baaka has been featured heavily in the media as
The Stocky Galaxias (Galaxias tantangara) is a relatively unknown species to many Australians. First described in 2014 by Tarmo Raadik, the species are commonly 65–90 mm and are dark olive-brown on the back and upper sides, becoming lighter brown to cream ventrally. The species can be distinguished from the similar Mountain galaxias by the presence
Eels have been somewhat of an enigma to researchers, however, they have provided a vital fishery for Indigenous Australians for millennia. Aboriginal people in the coastal Darlots Creek system in VIC harvested and farmed Short-finned eels via complex systems of stone-walled trap and channels and ponds. Freshwater eels are a part of the family Anguillidae
Carp gudgeons are a mysterious species typically found in slow-flowing or still waters that frequently baffle fish enthusiasts and scientists alike. A small and laterally compressed species, the carp gudgeons have caused great confusion over their identification across southeastern Australia. Intially, only one species of carp gudgeon was formally described in the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB)
It’s no secret that Australian native fish provide many benefits to the ecosystems they inhabit and the wider community. However, native fish face various threats to their survival such as habitat degradation, climate change, invasive pests and over-exploitation. Australia's large geographic area coupled with the vast diversity in fish and fisheries presents a challenge for
Fish stocking is an important tool used to supplement existing fisheries, create new ones and support populations of fish found in rivers, creeks and other waterways. Stocking may be done for the benefit of commercial, recreational or Cultural fishing, but may also be done for ecological conservation to restore or increase the population of threatened/endangered
Fish screens can be a useful tool for irrigators and lifesavers for fish — without fish screens over irrigation pumps, debris and wildlife can be sucked up into pipes that draw water from rivers. This causes fish and other creatures to become trapped and die, which in turn partially or fully blocks the pipes, forcing