Upper Murrumbidgee Recovery Reach

Native Fish Showcase Webinar Series

Every Friday during threatened species month, 2021

Every Friday during threatened species month we learnt about the fish in the Upper Murrumbidgee River from four perspectives.

10 September – Recording Available
Native fish in the Upper Murrumbidgee – the good, the few and the missing.

The webinar will discuss the fish fauna of the upper Murrumbidgee Catchment (native and alien), the major and emerging threats, and the status of the threatened species that we are trying to conserve and recover. Associate Professor Mark Lintermans is a freshwater scientist with more than 30 years’ experience in fisheries research and management. He is an engaging speaker who loves nothing more than talking about our native fish.

Speaker: Mark Lintermans

17 September – Recording Available
Reaching for Recovery of the endangered Macquarie Perch in the Upper Bidgee.

Felicity updated us on the status of the Macquarie Perch, why the upper Murrumbidgee is so important to this species, and what we are trying to do to ‘#BringBackTheMacca’ in South East NSW. She was joined by Lori who will talk about the ‘in the river’ and ‘along the riverbank’ restoration projects underway in the Bidgee to provide the habitat and homes Maccas need to thrive.

Speakers: Felicity Sturgiss and Lori Gould

24 September – Recording Available
Learn about the Murray River crayfish and the work to help them thrive in the wild.

Murray River crayfish (Euastacus armatus) are the second largest freshwater crayfish in the world. Historically widespread throughout the Murray River system, this species has declined significantly in recent decades due multiple impacts including river regulation, overfishing, habitat loss and pollution. Long time crayfish enthusiast Dr Danswell Starrs will share the latest information about monitoring, researching and managing this special freshwater species.

Speaker: Danswell Starrs

1 October – Recording Available
Hear about efforts to develop resilience for the Stocky galaxias, a critically endangered species that resides in only 3km of stream habitat.

Stocky galaxias is a tiny critically endangered fish species that resides in only 3km of stream habitat in Kosciusko National Park. When 56% of its habitat was severely burnt during the Black Summer Bushfires a group of galaxiid experts joined forces to ensure it would no longer have all of its eggs in one stream (the fish equivalent of eggs in one basket!). The team is not only rehabilitating its existing habitat, but is creating brand new homes for Stocky, so as to curb the extinction risk for this special little icon of the Snowy Mountains.

Speakers: Mark Lintermans, Jillian Keating and James Cornwell

This webinar series was held as part of The Native Fish Recovery Strategy, which is funded through the Murray-Darling Basin Authority, and supporting communities across Australia to bring back our native fish. The Upper Murrumbidgee Recovery Reach is one of these communities, working hard to raise awareness and share knowledge about our amazing native fish.

Speaker Bios

Professor Mark Lintermans

Mark has been studying freshwater fish for more than 35 years. His work has largely focussed on the Murray-Darling Basin, and in particular the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment. He has a passion for threatened fish ecology, conservation and management, and the impacts of alien fish species.


Felicity Sturgiss

Felicity is the project manager for the South East Local Land Services project ‘Reaching for the Recovery of the Endangered Macquarie Perch’. She is a lifelong inhabitant of the Southern Tablelands and  has worked in a variety of professional arenas drawing on her skills and passion for catchment management, whole farm planning, woodland birds, biodiversity on farms and of course, aquatic ecosystems, rivers and fish.


Lori Gould

Lori is the Australian River Restoration Centre’s Rivers of Carbon Program Manager. Lori specialises in riparian rehabilitation projects that work with landholders to protect and restore waterways within the context of the overall farm.  Lori is practical, approachable and a great person to talk to about all things riparian. She is a skilled community practitioner and is always willing to share her experiences with others.


Dr. Danswell Stars

Dr Danswell Starrs has worked in aquatic systems in the ACT and region for over 10 years. Danswell has a research background in freshwater ecology, with a strong focus on freshwater fish conservation and management. In his current role with ACT Government, Danswell provides technical support with regards to water quality, hydrology and waterway restoration activities delivered by the ACT Healthy Waterways program.


Jillian Keating

Jillian Keating is a Fisheries Manager for NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Fisheries who specialises in Threatened Species Recovery and Oyster Reef Restoration. She is responsible for coordinating and progressing recovery actions for threatened galaxiid species within DPI including Stocky galaxias and believes working with the enthusiasm and expertise of project partners is critical for bringing them back from the brink.


James Cornwell

James Cornwell is a Land Services Officer working with South East Local Land Services (LLS). James is coordinating project activities delivered by South East LLS through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, including the Stocky Galaxias Recovery Project  which is funded through the NRM Regional Bushfire Recovery in the Forests of NSW south coast bushfire region.


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Native Fish Recovery Strategy

Acknowledgement of funding

This project was funded by the Native Fish Recovery Strategy.

The Native Fish Recovery Strategy is funded under the joint programs and coordinated by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

The joint programs promote and coordinate effective planning, management and sharing of the water and other natural resources of the Murray-Darling Basin.