Panel on fish recovery efforts

The following video was recorded at the Native Fish Forum held in Dubbo 2023.
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Thomas Hart
Thomas is the Fisheries Manager (Freshwater) for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. His current role involves providing expert advice and management of Queensland’s freshwater fisheries, including policy, regulation and community engagement. Thomas works closely with the community recreational sector to manage fish stocking programs throughout the state. He has a background in environmental management, focusing on aquatic ecosystems and water resource management at the state and commonwealth level.

Lisa Evans
Lisa is an aquatic ecologist with the ACT Government working on ‘things that live under water’ – mostly fish. She has worked at the intersection of research and application to management for the past 20 years. Lisa has a particular interest in river rehabilitation.

Katherine Cheshire
Kat is the Research Leader for Freshwater Ecosystems at DPI Fisheries NSW, a team of ~50 dedicated to helping people look after fish. Freshwater Ecosystems Research has three core research themes: Restoration & Recovery; Ecology & Environment and, Recreation & Culture. These themes capture a diverse and evolving range of research projects that together help stimulate and secure thriving fish populations, sustainable and enjoyable fishing, and healthy, vibrant and productive regional communities. Kat is recognised for her scientific leadership and as a diversity, equity and inclusion ally and champion.

Zeb Tonkin
Zeb is a senior scientist at the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research where he leads the Instream Habitat and Environmental Flows program. His work focuses on using population monitoring and applied research relating to population dynamics of freshwater fish to guide recovery in response to management interventions such as environmental flows and habitat restoration in the southern Murray Darling Basin. He has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles and received the Australian Society for Fish Biology’s Early Career Excellence Award in 2020 for his outstanding contribution to fish and fisheries research.

Qifeng Ye
Qifeng is the Principal Scientist for SARDI’s Inland Waters and Catchment Ecology research program. With over 25 years of research experience in fish biology and ecology, she has worked in freshwater, marine and estuarine systems in several countries. Qifeng’s expertise includes the biology, habitat, and environmental water requirements of native fish, and the potential impacts of river regulation. She has led significant environmental flow related projects, particularly in the Murray-Darling Basin and South East region of SA. Qifeng is a member of several science and management committees at state and national levels, including the National Carp Control Plan Science Advisory Group.