Fish screens can be a useful tool for irrigators and lifesavers for fish — without fish screens over irrigation pumps, debris and wildlife can be sucked up into pipes that draw water from rivers. This causes fish and other creatures to become trapped and die, which in turn partially or fully blocks the pipes, forcing
In Australia, there is an alarming number of declining fish species that are not formally declared as threatened under national legislation, despite global freshwater fish decline. There is limited knowledge on how to best protect fish species using conservation strategies and science is still developing. In the case of threatened galaxiids, the Arthur Rylah Institute
Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC) has been supporting researchers from QLD Department of Agriculture and Fish (DAF) in developing best management practices for minimising the impacts of irrigation infrastructure on fish.  The team, led by Michael Hutchison has been at Emerald in Central Queensland (Gayiri country) to examine the effect of flow type (natural