Macquarie perch

Within the Murray Darling Basin (MDB), experts have estimated a decline in native fish abundance of ~90% since European settlement. Things such as changes to the hydrological regime, habitat degradation, river regulation and infrastructure, over-fishing, and impacts from alien species are all contributing to the ongoing decline (Koehn and Lintermans 2012; Lintermans 2013). Ongoing monitoring
Macquarie perch were once abundant in their namesake, the Macquarie River, yet are now extremely threatened throughout the Murray-Darling Basin.  The species is considered extinct in SA and endangered in NSW, VIC and ACT. Extinction is looming for this little fish, with only four isolated wild populations left in NSW, spanning less than a combined
The Ovens River in north-eastern Victoria is home to two large-bodied native freshwater predators: Murray cod and Trout cod. These iconic fish are top order piscivores (carnivorous animals that primarily feed on fish), helping to regulate the structure and functioning of their aquatic environments. While threatened Murray cod are highly sought after by anglers, the
Georges River Fish Habitat Restoration Project OzFish Hawkesbury-Nepean Chapter with Campbelltown Council have been undertaking Environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling in south-west Sydney on the Georges River to determine the presence of endangered species in the waterway.  Local volunteers assist researchers and staff from council by collecting water samples in a coordinated approach at various locations