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Join us at the 2024 Native Fish Forum Reflect. Share. Collaborate. 25-27 March 2024 Mercure Belconnen, Canberra ACT (map) Register Page contents: What's happening Pricing Accommodation Sponsorship Contacts Agenda Page updated: 20 February 2024 Join us in Canberra (Belconnen) for the 2024 Native Fish Forum which brings together people committed to recovering our native fish
Fish screens can be a useful tool for irrigators and lifesavers for fish — without fish screens over irrigation pumps, debris and wildlife can be sucked up into pipes that draw water from rivers. This causes fish and other creatures to become trapped and die, which in turn partially or fully blocks the pipes, forcing
Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC) has been supporting researchers from QLD Department of Agriculture and Fish (DAF) in developing best management practices for minimising the impacts of irrigation infrastructure on fish.  The team, led by Michael Hutchison has been at Emerald in Central Queensland (Gayiri country) to examine the effect of flow type (natural
Dewfish Demonstration Reach – Condamine Catchment ← Back to Demonstration Reaches The Dewfish Demonstration Reach is highly valued in the Condamine catchment in Queensland.   The reach began at a modest 28 kilometres back in 2006, but overwhelming community interest and support saw it stretch to a length of 110 kilometres. It begins in central Dalby
Fish Movement and Migration The fact that native fishes move within and between habitats is well known. Barriers to these movements have long been recognised as major contributors to the decline in numbers and distributions of native fish species. Under the Murray-Darling Basin Authority’s Native Fish Strategy, numerous research projects and management interventions have been
Introduced Fish Female Eastern gambusia collected during sampling. Learning more about these pest fish is something that can be incorporated into a demonstration reach project. Photo credit: Zeb Tonkin The Basin already contains at least 11 introduced fish species in the wild, some in pest proportions, and further introductions are inevitable over time. Both the