Introduced Fish

Macquarie perch were once abundant in their namesake, the Macquarie River, yet are now extremely threatened throughout the Murray-Darling Basin.  The species is considered extinct in SA and endangered in NSW, VIC and ACT. Extinction is looming for this little fish, with only four isolated wild populations left in NSW, spanning less than a combined
Epizootic haematopoietic necrosis virus (EHNV) is a lethal virus that infects fish through the body surface or gastrointestinal tract. Once in the host, it multiplies in the blood forming organs such as the spleen and kidney and destroys them in the process, ultimately killing the fish. EHNV is only present in Australia, endemic to catchments
A pair of male hands holds a carp up to the camera in this close-up shallow depth-of-field photo. The carp has its and mouth open.
For many of us in river and waterway management, it’s one of the most asked questions we get from family, friends and the community — “What's the go with that carp virus?” The recent flooding and subsequent explosion in carp numbers has again seen this question raised beyond just pubs and kitchen tables, to being
Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus or the Mozambique mouthbrooder) is an invasive species in Australia, posing a significant threat to the endemic native fish and aquatic ecosystems. Traditionally found in Southern Africa, this species is incredibly adaptive and fast-growing, guaranteeing its spot in the top 100 of the world’s worst introduced species (NSW DPI). The fish was
You may have heard the best anecdotal recipe for cooking carp:  Place a fresh carp fillet in a pot of simmering water.  Then add a small round stone from the river and simmer for 10 minutes or until the fish is cooked.  Remove the carp from the pot and discard.  Serve the hot stone.   In Australia,